Climate change – is there anything we should be afraid of?

Oh do you?

The climate is changing – that is the fact that nobody can question. But is it really a culpability of mankind? Do people affects Earth so strongly that they can change the climate? In my opinion – no. I believe – and of course not only me – that the changes are caused by natural factors.

Periods of glaciations, colloquially called “ice ages”, have happened thousands of times in the past of our planet. Last one dates back to 8.000 BC. Periods between glaciations are called “interglacials” – one of them lasts for 10.000 years and continue. During this time the global overall temperature have been constantly growing. If we zoom out our look on the history of our planet, we will see that it is nothing out of the ordinary. Emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases rise along with the growth of the flora. The warmer the climate, the better are the weather conditions for vegetation. This leads to a point of equilibrium, in which the climate is too warm and triggers the desertification process. Vegetation is stopped and suddenly the level of carbon dioxide quickly lowers. The ice age is starting and lasts for hundred of years needed for flora to restore.

The ecologists are claiming that the climate warming is caused by the emission of carbon dioxide, which I can agree. However, they say that most of this gas is emitted by mankind – which cannot be called other than “green propaganda”. The truth is that comparing to the 680 millions tons of natural carbon fluxing, 7 million tons produced by humans is only a little bit more than 1% of annual sum. Our civilization hasn’t reached yet the level, at which it could affect whole planet, no matter it would be positive or negative affection. Terraforming is still beyond our possibility.

However, even if global warming is not caused by humans, it does not mean it is not dangerous. Climate change will affect the crops, making the food more expensive and may lead to a famine in poor countries. It is also proven that Australia is undergoing desertification. Moreover, the sea level will rise, which will surely lead to flooding in low-situated regions (e.g. Netherlands). Of course it will not happen in several weeks, month or even years, but this process is constant. That is why we must start the preparations now as soon it may be to late.

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