Depression 2009: What would it look like?

OVER THE PAST few months, Americans have been hearing the word “depression” with unfamiliar and alarming regularity. The financial crisis tearing through Wall Street is routinely described as the worst since the Great Depression, and the recession into which we are sinking looks deep enough, financial commentators warn, that a few poor policy decisions could put us in a depression of our own.

Jak będzie wyglądać nadchodzący kryzys gospodarczy w Stanach Zjednoczonych? Rewelacyjny artykuł autorstwa Drake”a Benneta z Boston Globe – polecam serdecznie. Tutaj link.

Irish Voters Say „Thanks, But No Thanks” To The Reform Treaty

The European Union effort to impose the Lisbon Treaty on its citizens was jeopardized by the referendum in Ireland. Despite the fact that the results of the vote were very close – 53,4% against the treaty – and Ireland was the only country that conducted a referendum, it is a heavy blow for the EU authorities. Remaining 26 countries have slipped out from the obligation of voting on treaty by forswearing their law doesn’t require it or that their nations elected pro-treaty authorities and so the referendum is not required. Czytaj dalej Irish Voters Say „Thanks, But No Thanks” To The Reform Treaty